How It Works

Clinical Care Group (CCG) gives qualified independent consultant pharmacists the chance to tap into your entrepreneurial drive, expand and improve care offerings and build the career you’ve always wanted by enabling you to provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to your existing long-term care patients. We partner directly with MTM service providers as well as our credentialing partner, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Virtual Pharmacy Network.

In order to participate, independent consultant pharmacists must currently work in a long-term care setting and not already be contracted to provide MTM services through another pharmacy. Consultant pharmacists interested in becoming members of CCG must be members in good standing of the ASCP Virtual Pharmacy Network. If you are not already a member of the Virtual Pharmacy Network before signing up in the CCG portal, you will be prompted to become a Virtual Pharmacy Network member before moving along in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to use the CCG platform, you will need to:

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Confirm your email address.
    You will immediately receive an automated email from CCG. Please check your junk folder if this does not land in your inbox, as this email is time sensitive.
  3. Ensure your computer meets our technical requirements.
    You will need a computer that supports Windows Operating System 7 or higher (Sorry, we do not support Mac operating systems at this time).
  4. Complete your CCG Company Profile in the CCG portal.
  5. Complete the required forms.
  6. Update your ASCP membership.
    If not already complete, update your ASCP membership to include Virtual Pharmacy Network, if not already complete. A representative from ASCP will contact you with the details and steps required.
  7. Complete ASCP’s credentialing process.
    All members of CCG are required to complete ASCP’s credentialing program before using the platform.
  8. Download the Clinical Care Group app.The app allows consultant pharmacists to verify antivirus and hardware encryption is set up, confirm HIPAA compliance is current, and access OutcomesMTM and complete OutcomesMTM training.

CCG membership is free, and includes an optional free license to the cloud-based consulting software, OpalCare™. To learn more about OpalCare, visit the OpalCare Features page.

In order to be a member of CCG, independent consultant pharmacists must be members of the ASCP Virtual Pharmacy Network. For more information about costs associated with ASCP membership, please visit their website.

The opportunity to grow your revenue is tied to how many MTMs you would like to complete each month. That said, most consultant pharmacists can expect to take home about $100-$120 an hour for successfully completed MTMs (this is based on the industry average of completing 3 MTM services in an hour and based on an average of MTM claim amounts).

Once you have completed all necessary steps to become a full user of the CCG platform and completed OutcomesMTM training, you will have access to the OutcomesMTM patient dashboard where you can identify your MTM eligible patients after you have completed initial data entry.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and Clinical Care Group (CCG) are collaborating to give you, the consultant pharmacist, the chance to tap into your entrepreneurial drive, expand and improve care offerings and build the career you’ve always wanted by connecting you to patients needing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.

The Virtual Pharmacy Network provides credentialing services to ensure independent consultant pharmacists are qualified to meet the standards of MTM service providers.

As an independent consultant pharmacist, you are more than a healthcare professional—you are also a business owner. CCG helps you unlock new revenue streams, expand your clinical service offerings and build the practice you’ve always wanted.

When you join, you are not only creating opportunity for business growth for yourself, you are also giving your patients access to services that will improve their quality of care. MTM services allow you to deepen your clinical relationships with patients and build treatment plans that will benefit them through all stages of care.

CCG is currently the only business services platform that gives independent consultant pharmacists access to MTM service providers through our partnerships. Independent consultant pharmacists cannot currently access MTM service provider platforms on an individual basis.

We’ve identified numerous areas where our business services and software would be beneficial, such as home health care. At this time, however, our initial focus is solely on long-term care though we will keep you informed as this evolves.

Additional Questions?

If you have a question that was not answered above, please contact us using the form below or call us at 1 (866) 598-5333, and we will be happy to answer it for you.